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C-311 / SOFT

C-311 / SOFT

Technical Information

  • Eclipse is a pocket door system with smooth lateral assisted positive opening and cushioned soft-close movements, which are controlled by a safety device.
  • Eclipse can be used throughout the house, in kitchen furniture and utility rooms in which there are washing machines and dryers


Mechanism elements :
– Aluminum profiles : 6060T5 Alloy, silver anodised.
– Components made of plastic, steel and zinc alloy.

Door Features :
–  Max. weight for each door: 30 kg (distributed evenly)
– Thickness from 18 mm to 30 mm
– Width from 400 mm to 900 mm
– Height from 1550 mm to 2500 m
– Door vertical adjustment +4/-1 mm
– Door horizontal adjustment ±2 mm
– Door front adjustment ±4 mm
– Assisted door extraction movement.
– Soft closing and soft opening buffer
– Material : wood or derivatives / metal and glass frame.


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