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CC-500/4 Lineabox 4 Sided

CC-500/4 Lineabox 4 Sided

Metal drawer 4 sided
Lineabox metal sides, wooden frontal and back panel.

  • Height of the frontal 94 mm – the side 77 mm – Internal height 45 mm.
  • Height of the frontal 120 mm – the side 104 mm – Internal height 72 mm.
  • Height of the frontal 197 mm – the side 180 mm – Internal height 148 mm.

For use with Futura full-extension runners: CC6555, CC6557 (consult the general catalogue “Runners and drawers”).


Technical Information

  • Rapid assembly system, with no machinery or templates
  • Rapid mounting and removal of drawer
  • Height, sideways and depth adjustment of the drawer incorporated in the runner fixing
  • Bottom thickness : 16 mm
    15 mm with insert SMGP15X4XA
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Front profile cut to length and drilled
  • Finishes: Stainless steel


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